Friday, October 10, 2014

Another year of understanding love, again.

She said it was her fault, he said it was his fault.

He walked away with anger 'cause none of them would wanna fight for relationship again; he walked away with sighs because she didn't want to make an effort to keep him anymore; he walked away with disappointment because he never knew she would turn away without saying goodbye & left faster than he did; 

he walked away, to 196 miles away to start all over again.

She wandered around, thinking life would be better without love. She bumped into somebody, somebody she thought she could settle down after everything. She tried to put down her walls again despite the short duration she had. She thought this would be another fun start, putting everything behind, leaving the pasts behind that would hurt each other's feelings. She was happy to start over, she thought she would be happy to start over, she thought it was right.

She thought.

Things started to fall apart. Everything became dusts. No nothing, just a smile.

Life goes on, she worked at a cafe where she thought she could just live for her life, thinking nothing is more important than what she had in her hands. She thought again, that life is still okay without him. 

Looking over his feelings, looking over his life he posted, "he's having a great time", she thought.

Until when she finally heard, she finally realized that he was no longer the person who would always wait for her outside the range of her sight, the person who would still love her no matter how much had she done to hurt him. He was drifting away, so far away, right to the closest person she had.

She knew she was no longer to be the first place in his heart anymore.

She knew she was gonna be replaced.
She knew how much she has lost,
she knew.

Hiding things behind, swallowing as much disappointments as she felt.


is never gonna be the same anymore.

Back to being a choice, being all insecure again.

Back to see every words smashing her heart, letting her grow, letting her to be stronger.

But still going through a maze, to get the way to his heart;
to tell him how much she needs him still. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas gifts!

I'm finally back after forever!

This time I'll be blogging about my christmas gifts that I've received for the last christmas! I really love presents & gifts especially when they're from your loved ones. Don't you just love all the x'mas packaging, ribbons & boxes? much loves!

So let's begin with,

Benefit's POREfessional primer!

and this is the back of the packaging!

The POREfessional, also known as PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores on the surface of your face! It acts as a primer that quickly minimizes the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! This silky, lightweight balm can be applied alone, under or over makeup! Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

Application of  the POREfessional is simple & easy! Just squeeze out a small amount of the product like this,

just a globe like that would be perfect for the entire face!

Apply a thin layer of this PRO balm to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat lightly from the center of the face outward with fingertips. Wait seconds, then apply makeup as usual. Skin appears smooth & even…isn’t that what we’re all looking for?


If pores reappear, pat delicately on T-zone over makeup & blend. The lightweight, oil-free formula means a beautifully refined complexion. Remember, just a dab’ll do ya

This is a MUST-GRAB item in your makeup bag! You wouldn't wanna look like a grease ball, would you?

Next, woo-lah!

L'occitane's Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette!

The Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette captures the subtle aura of the peony, a flower with a thousand petals, in a generous floral perfume marked with green freshness.

A luxurious roll-on for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day!

Contains a peony extract from Drome (France)

I promise that this little thing smells so darn good! And since it's eau de toilette (EDT) it can last for about 4-6 hours after application. It smells like a scent of rose but this is just amazing! 

Plus, roll-on perfume is also great for stubborn marks/scars on your body. As time goes by, marks will be lighten & less visible!

Alright, moving on!

Next is one of the sweetest duo products I've seen in my life!! It's the GRACE COLE English Rose Divine Hand Duo!

It consists of 2 hand care products, which are hand wash & hand lotion, for cleansing & smoothing!

Hand wash in white,

& hand lotion in pink! mmmmmmmmm

My first reaction towards this present was 'ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm!' LOLOL I'm easily persuaded by sweet & cute products especially with lovely packagings! This would totally be one of my best christmas presents, most probably because of the packaging but look, would you not fall in love with the contents/products when there's seductive packaging? 

Next! This is da bomb!

2013 G-Dragon World Tour DVD [ONE OF A KIND in SEOUL]!

Behold, the treasure.

There are 3 items included in the DVD set.

Bronze: 2 DVD(s)
Gold & Silver: Photobooks

Baby G/

Although I've seen him trice, I'm still really excited to receive this gift as a christmas present! What would you ask for more? I was literally going crazy! I never used to love k-pop but G-Dragon/BIGBANG was the first ever k-pop artist/group to allow me to immerse myself in the world of k-pop. Yayerz!

The next thing would be useful for my uni days!

An A3 size notebook/diary!

It has a pocket on the second page. Photos & notes can be put so that I won't place them everywhere!
love love love!

Another lovely present!!

A thermos! With lovely prints on it!

& it has a tea bag filter as well! Convenient & thoughtful! So that you won't swallow your tea leaves or anything possible. 

Okay okay! I'm finishing my post! 

Ending my post with my topshop cutie socks!! IT'S PINK! 

The quality of the socks is impressing! It's not sheer, but it wouldn't stuff your feet until they get out of breath!I'm really happy to have this pair of pinky socks, it can be worn with any types of footwear, as long as it matches your style of fashion.

Alright guys that's all for now. I'm really thankful for what I've received from my friends & family. You guys are always my pride!

Of course, I would like to thank my bestie Rebecca for the maroon tee from H&M! Couldn't upload it for now 'cause it's still in the washing machine pshhh :( but I still love you! Are you reading this? *giggles*

the POREfessional - Hazel Khoo
L'occitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette - Jonathan Tong
GRACE COLE Divine Hand Duo - Zhuoyi Liew
G-Dragon [One Of A Kind DVD] - Hazel Khoo
Typo A3 Notebook - Olivia Tham
Typo handy thermos - Valerie Lee
Topshop socks - Olivia Tham